about me

Rob Davis and JenHey, I am Rob Davis. I am the principal of web|aggression a website design and development firm and I am also the Interactive Manager at AFL and I am a huge big ole’ foodie. I love to go to restaurants and I love to make good food. On this blog I will be posting restaurants that I have eaten and recipes I have tried.

Why a Food Blog?
After requests by friends and family, I finally decided to create a blog to keep track of all the restaurants and all the recipes that I have tried. Truthfully I think they are just tired of me posting to Twitter and Facebook.

Another reason for starting this blog is that I hate not seeing pictures of recipes. Even if they suck (like most of my photos do) at least I can see the finished product. Also, I am obsessed with plating, even though I am terrible at that, and I like to see how others do it. In this blog, I am going to try my best to have a least some sort of photo to accompany any review or recipe.

My final reason for creating this blog is that I am notorious for creating a great tasting recipe and then not remembering what all was in it. Jen (my wife) laughs about it often. I don’t measure anything and I am terrible about writing anything down. The blog forces me to not only chronicle what I make but I have a photo to remind me. Whatever the reason, I am here now so please check back, subscribe to the RSS, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest. Thanks for stopping by and please let me know what you think.

My Culinary Tastes
First off, I think most people have a stronger attraction to either sweet or savory. I am a savory guy, in other words I prefer salt to sugar, I prefer steak to cake. My favorite cuisine is Southern/Modern/American. Most of the restaurants on my favorites list are that style. Generally that means the food is southern with a modern twist. Most of my favorites are also “farm to table” which just means that they have the freshest of local ingredients on their menu. I also love ALL other types of food, Italian, French, Spanish, Mexican, German, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, well pretty much ever type.

Growing up I was told that I had to have at least one bite of everything on the table. Now, I will try anything at least once and there are VERY few things that I don’t like. You’ll see in my posts that I like to try making any style of food. I like to find an ingredient that I have never used and make a meal around that ingredient. Cooking is fun, and eating good cooking is even more enjoyable.


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