Suckling Pig Confit, sautéed young greens, roasted beets, mustard jus, smoked bacon at FIG.

FIG, Charleston

One of our favorite vacation spots is Charleston, South Carolina. It is very convenient for us here in Greenville, SC to get to (usually less then a 3.5 hour drive). It has every thing we love, the beach, the history, the shopping and most importantly for me the restaurants. If you are a foodie like me, this is a Mecca. Restaurants like McCrady’s, Fulton Five and FIG all make my favorites and can satisfy any foodie cravings you might have.

On this particular trip our “splurge” meal was FIG, short for Food Is Good. I have NEVER eaten anything at this restaurant that I did not LOVE. The atmosphere has a great vibe and the decor is well done not over done. I know for a fact that most of the staff are the same as my very first visit years ago. That says a lot too.

The menu has never been the same on any two visits and most of the ingredients are sourced locally and sustainable. Better then all that, the food IS good. On this visit we started with the John’s Island Tomato Tarte Tatin with fromage blanc and tapenade. I love tarte tartin anything (some day I will get around to blogging my tomato and goat cheese tarte tartin) and this one does not disappoint. The tomatoes are perfectly tender, the crunch from the tarte, the saltiness from the tapenade and the tartness from the goat cheese cream makes the dish amazing. The tarte is a great way to start.

For my entrée I had the Caw Caw Creek Suckling Pig Confit with sautéed young greens, roasted beets, mustard jus and smoked bacon. Can I just say, well done Chef Lata! The pig confit was like a REALLY high end pulled pork with pork belly. The greens were tender but still crisp and not overly seasoned. The beets were roasted beets, very nicely roasted (nothing special and still delicious). The mustard jus, as you can see in the photo above, has the mustard seeds and was also not over seasoned. The smoked bacon was mostly in the greens which is how a make them as well. Like most dishes I have had at FIG, The Chef really lets the ingredients stand on their own accenting them when needed but never over powering them.

apple tart tartinWhen dining at an establish such as this Jen and I usually split a dessert. On our last two visits we got the same one, Apple Tarte Tartin over a Honey Crisp with Vanilla Rum Syrup and Rum Raisin Ice Cream. Uhhhh….Yum! Again, very well balanced with the apple, the crunch from the tart and the crisp almost tasted like peanut brittle. The ice cream rounds out the dessert with that cool creaminess and when all combined reminds you of apple pie a la mode.

I really love this restaurant. The food is simple but elevated. It is like my Grandmothers might make but with a more refined culinary technique. Like confit instead of roasting or tarte tartin instead of a pie. I highly recommend this restaurant. The price point is a little on the pricey side as are most Charleston restaurants but it is well worth it in my opinion.

Have you ever been to FIG? What did you think?

Suckling Pig Confit, sautéed young greens, roasted beets, mustard jus, smoked bacon at FIG.

3 thoughts on “Suckling Pig Confit, sautéed young greens, roasted beets, mustard jus, smoked bacon at FIG.

  1. […] My attempt at replicating a meal I had at FIG (Food is Good) in Charleston. I could never match what Chef Latta and the staff at FIG (one of my top two restaurants in Charleston) can do, but this turned out pretty good never the less. The meal I had at the restaurant is chronicled in the article: Suckling Pig Confit, sautéed young greens, roasted beets, mustard jus, smoked bacon at FIG. […]

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