Turkey Pastrami on a Cheese Bagel Sandwich with Cucumber Salad at Greenfield’s Bagels

Turkey Pastrami Bagel Sandwich with Cucumber Salad at Greenfield's BagelsI don’t eat a lot of bagels any more. I am not sure why, I just don’t. There are two places I get bagels from, Chick-fil-a (breakfast bagel) and Greenfield’s Bagels and Deli in Greenville, SC.

Greenfield’s bagels are house made and awesome. I like them all, but my favorite are the savory ones. Jalapeño, Cheese and the all time classic Everything. Besides their amazing bagels, Greenfield’s has deli meats and cheese, house made soups and salads and much more. I try and go grab lunch there whenever I am in that area of town (my company moved downtown Greenville and I’m not as close any more).

The sandwich above is my favorite, turkey pastrami with provolone, lettuce, tomato, red onion and spicy mustard (NO MAYO, I can’t stand the stuff…more on that another time). I usually either get the cheese or jalapeño bagel for my sandwich. When you purchase a bagel sandwich you can get your choice of salads which sometimes vary. I love the cucumber salad so much that I have tried unsuccessfully to remake it at home (some day I’ll sack up and ask for the recipe because I’m missing something). At any rate, they also include kosher pickled cucumber, olives and green tomatoes that are a perfect accent to the sandwich and salad. No need for chips here, this is one filling lunch.

Besides the great food the owners and employees are great. Always smiling, always courteous and always quick. Prices are good. If you want blueberry, chocolate, cinnamon or other popular flavors, go early in the morning, by the afternoon they’ll be gone. If you go right around lunch they might have a line near the door. Be patient, the line will move fast and it will be worth it.

Turkey Pastrami on a Cheese Bagel Sandwich with Cucumber Salad at Greenfield’s Bagels

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