Sashimi Lunch at Purple International Bistro

Sashimi lunch at Purple Bistro, westend greenville, scI love seafood and I love sashimi especially when it is done well. You can’t honor the freshness of good fish any more then sashimi. After a social media onslaught of promotion by loyal fans and friends, I decide to check out Chef Jack and the newly opened Purple International Bistro and Sushi. The restaurant is located on Main Street downtown Greenville, SC in the Westend area, walking distance from my office.

I judge most sushi places by their sashimi (thinly sliced raw seafood) plates because you can’t hide behind anything. The fish is either good or bad, no masking it with sauces and seasonings. Chef Jack’s sashimi lunch plate pictured above was the freshest of the freshest, perfect. The lunch plate featured crab, salmon, tuna, octopus and a few others (toro maybe?). We ordered some edamame for the table and that plus my sashimi was the perfect lunch. Light, healthy yet filling.

Another sign of the quality of Purple is that they make their own condiments. Seriously, who makes their own wasbi and soy sauces? Well, they do. That is dedication to the craft.

It seems a new sushi place is opening every week here in Greenville but I will definitely be back to Purple, it was truly some of the best sashimi I have had here. I highly recommend this restaurant. I haven’t been for dinner but if the lunch is as good as dinner, you can’t go wrong.

Sashimi Lunch at Purple International Bistro

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