Parmesan Crusted Sea Bass with SC Quail Hash at Elizabeth’s on 37th

First let me apologize for the quality of the image here, it really doesn’t do the dish justice. It didn’t help that I had already begun devouring it.

Elizabeth’s on 37th came highly recommended and all the reading I did about the restaurant only heightened my interest. So, on a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia we got reservations and headed down. The restaurant is located in a beautiful old southern mansion in downtown Savannah on one of many sleepy, tree lined streets. I was very excited.

The menu is right down my alley with fresh local sea food, locally sourced veg and herbs grown in house. I hate when I have looked at the menu online and made up my mind what to order, then come the specials and they sound amazing. I ordered a seasonal dish, Parmesan Crusted Sea Bass with South Carolina Quail Hash. It was amazing. My over all impression initially was it was under seasoned but the more I ate the more I got it. The fish was perfectly cooked and hash done this way was new and appreciated. Normally when I make a hash I cook the crap out of the potatoes to make them super crispy. In this dish the potato was super tender, probably not even fried. The jus was very earthy but not overly savory. This was a very delicate dish that let all the flavors of the ingredients stand together. Very nice!

Pecan Almond TartWhen indulging at a restaurant like this (on vacation no less), Jen and I will usually split a dessert. Our server suggested the Pecan Almond Tart by saying, “You won’t be disappointed”. We were not disappointed, WOW! If you go to this restaurant, get this dessert. It is basically a traditional pecan pie (sort of) with a buttery crust and topped with toasted almond slivers. The praline ice cream was perfect, PERIOD.

So if you can’t tell, I would highly recommend this restaurant. The price point is probably a little higher then most, with entrees from $30 and up. The atmosphere was very intimate and romantic and the staff were very attentive and helpful. On your next trip to Savannah check out Elizabeth’s on 37th, you won’t regret it.

Parmesan Crusted Sea Bass with SC Quail Hash at Elizabeth’s on 37th

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