Shrimp, Greens and Grits at Belford’s

On a recent trip, we had the pleasure to dine at Belford’s in the Landmark Historic District of Savannah, Georgia. Belford’s is located in an old brick building in the City Market area of downtown. Whenever I travel, being the foodie that I am, I do my research on local restaurants. I usually have reservations a week in advance and if they have an actual menu posted, I’ll know what I want (unless there is an amazing special). In my research Belford’s kept coming up, so we got reservations for the first night.

For some reason, when we walked in I immediately started bracing myself for a good not great meal. I don’t even know why, the atmosphere was great, the location was great and the staff was great. I had looked at their menu and already decided what I was going to get. It all looked great but I chose the "Shrimp, Greens and Grits", with a description like the following, how could I not.

Shrimp, Greens and Grits ($27)
Local shrimp sautéed with apple smoked bacon.
Served over buttery grit cakes, wilted collard greens and Chardonnay butter sauce.
Topped with diced tomatoes, green onions and Parmesan cheese

Jennifer chose the Cajun Lobster Ravioli ($30) which they describe as, lobster stuffed ravioli tossed with shrimp and scallops in a Cajun cream sauce, topped with diced tomatoes, green onions and feta cheese.

So let me say this meal was right up my alley. The shrimp were good (I’ve had better shrimp), the apple wood smoked bacon (an absolute favorite) added the smoky salty punch that shrimp need. I would compare the greens to the ones my Grandmother makes (THAT is high praise, believe me). The grits where triangle shaped fried cakes which definitely had some cream and butter in them. The cakes added that fried crunch that every meal should have some of. Believe it or not, the chardonnay butter sauce was very light but accented the rich meal very well. Finally the little bit of diced tomato and green onion added a some freshness and acidity, not too much, just enough. This meal was amazing.

Jennifer’s Cajun Lobster Ravioli, which you can see a little of in the upper right corner of the picture (sorry, this pic is bad, I know) above was amazing as well. I sampled a bit (Jen isn’t a big eater fortunately for me). The shrimp and scallops were on the small side but tasty. The ravioli and Cajun sauce where awesome (I would’ve liked a little more heat). The shocker to us both was the feta cheese. Neither of us would have ever thought that the feta would be so amazing in this dish, but it was.

If you’re in Savannah, I highly recommend this restaurant. The price point is on the higher side for most people but its worth it to splurge occasionally and you get a healthy portion.

Shrimp, Greens and Grits at Belford’s

3 thoughts on “Shrimp, Greens and Grits at Belford’s

  1. kirakira says:

    I had this for lunch yesterday, and found your page through a search for “Belfords collard green recipe” 😉 I knew it was a futile search, but I had to try!

    Seriously, if I could learn how to cook them like that, I’d have them every week.

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