Chili Cheese A-Plenty at The Beacon

Chili Cheese A-PlentySo by now you all know I am a foodie and I am sure some of you are thinking I am a food snob. Well I am not. I am an equal opportunity eater. If the food is good, the food is good and the Chili Cheese A-Plenty at the Beacon Drive-In, in Spartanburg, South Carolina is GOO-OOD.

On this particular trip, I had in-laws in town from Indiana. As a person who generally likes to eat healthy food, The Beacon in my opinion is a place you have to go at least once. The experience alone makes the trip worth it, but it can be a little intimidating your first trip. The place is massive as is the menu. You’ll probably stand in line which gives you just enough time to choose what you want. You place your order with a very engaging gentleman, who will probably chat you up a little then promptly yell your order out. What happens next I like to call a symphony of chaos. Behind the counter people who have probably been working there since before I was born, scurry around from station to station. I seriously have no idea how they do it, but I have never had them give me the wrong order.

Now on to the classic, a Chili Cheese A-Plenty. The burger is good, not great. It’s a large thin patty with a white bun. The chili seems like it has been stewing for weeks (which it probably has). So what is the “A-Plenty”? Basically, A-Plenty means that they put the burger on the plate and then cover and fill every remaining spot on the plate with fries AND onion rings. Yes, it is as ridiculous as it seems but it is oh so good.

More About The Beacon Drive-In
As I said above before, if the food is good, the food is good. Now there are varying types of “good”. There is healthy, all-natural, organic, fresh good and there is greasy, fatty, fried, unhealthy good. The Beacon Drive-In in Spartanburg, South Carolina is the latter. The Beacon has been an Upstate SC staple since 1946, serving up burgers, barbeque and their legendary sweet tea. For people who are watching their weight or can’t handle a minor heart attack, this place is not for you. I think they have a salad on the menu, but I am sure they would laugh if you ordered it. This place is what it is, a greasy spoon, go and enjoy. It’ll be worth the hour or three extra on the tread mill.

Chili Cheese A-Plenty at The Beacon

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